Why Pink Pixie?

Why Pink Pixie?     
*We just simply Love Girl Parties and Over the top Celebrations.
*You get fun & elegance at a real great value.
*Our Party Celebrations are not rushed and are usually longer than others.
*We provide food & quality gifts at all our parties.
*We provide 2 hostesses at all our Parties &Celebrations so we can provide you with the best service possible.
*Most of our popular Parties have a minimum of 10 girls compared to others which are usually 8.
*We love working with families who care about the detail and quality of work that we do.                   

There are no upgrades at our parties. No spa products or food upgrades required. Our packages include All the upgrades that  other mobile partycompanies will charge extra.
*Our Parties are fun combined with a real passion for design.
*Our attention to detail & the little touches make our parties unique.
*Our Theme Celebrations are Classic & Timeless combined with fresh ideas.
*Most of our Theme Celebrations are original to Pink Pixie.
 *We encourage family togetherness & friendship.
 & Because....      

*Moms & Daughters dream of Fairy tales & Castles, they imagine rising stars and beleive in talents and creative ideas, they believe in Celebrations of childhood & creating memories that's truly unforgettable.


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